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An image of a parent driving a carful of kids. They are all wearing masks.

Carpooling during COVID-19: Is it safe?

There are many advantages to carpooling. It’s convenient, it saves on gas and parents’ time, and when you’re carting around kids, it gives them company for the ride. But during the coronavirus pandemic, carpooling may also carry a big risk. Carpooling is a risk “You’re in a very enclosed space, so you’re taking on a ... Read More
antibiotic resistance vs temperature in Europe

Rising global temperatures tied to rising antibiotic resistance

A new data analysis suggests that two rising public health threats — climate change and antibiotic resistance — are related. The study, spanning 2000 to 2016, doesn’t establish cause and effect. But its findings, in the journal Eurosurveillance, suggest that rising global temperatures could be helping to fuel increases in antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Key takeaway Countries ... Read More
Health and Parenting
A physician talks with an injured child and their parent in an emergency room.

Many childhood injuries are preventable if you know the risks

As the seasons change, Dr. Lois Lee can predict that certain types of injuries will appear in the Emergency Department at Boston Children’s Hospital. “Some things happen every year,” she says. With warmer weather, for instance, serious injuries occur when children fall from windows after screens they were leaning against give way. In the colder ... Read More
Health and Parenting
Close-up photo of a needle taking a vaccine from a vial

Testing the COVID-19 vaccines in kids: Is it safe?

The drug company Pfizer recently announced they had opened their clinical trial of the COVID-19 vaccine to teens as young as 16. And as vaccine trials move into phase 3 testing, it’s likely that other drug companies will follow suit. This news may leave parents wondering about the safety of vaccine trials on teens and ... Read More