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Hip reconstruction in complex patients: Predicting complications

Neuromuscular hip dysplasia and progressive spastic hip displacement are among the most common orthopedic concerns in non-ambulatory children with cerebral palsy (CP), leading to pain, decreased function, and impaired quality of life. While hip reconstruction surgery can improve quality of life in these children, it can be associated with acute post-operative pain, medical complications, and ... Read More
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COVID-19 vaccines: Do you know myth from fact?

Two COVID-19 vaccines — from Pfizer/BioNTtech and Moderna  — have received emergency use authorization in the United States by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Many more are in various stages of development around the world. Several of these are in the final stage of clinical trials and could be submitted for formal authorization ... Read More
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Botulism breakthrough? Taming botulinum toxin to deliver therapeutics

While rare, botulism can cause paralysis and is potentially fatal. It is caused by nerve-damaging toxins produced by Clostridium botulinum — the most potent toxins known. These toxins often lurk in contaminated food (home canning being a major culprit). Infants can also develop botulism from ingesting C. botulinum spores in honey, soil, or dust; the ... Read More
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Gearing up for sports? Call your child’s pediatrician

Every year, young athletes are required to get sports physicals, clearing them for participation in organized athletics. But, did you know that these physicals should be done by your child’s primary care provider (PCP)? Sports physical examinations give clearance for children to participate in the sports season safely and are a crucial part of pediatrics. ... Read More
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Asada, who had a bone marrow transplant, with her mom, Hadas, sitting together in the Red Sox dugout at Fenway Park

Navigating the aplastic anemia journey

Hadas Asgedom is a woman with many titles: daughter, sister of 12, aunt, mother. But, after her own daughter’s journey with aplastic anemia, she may have earned the right to add another — relentless researcher. Hadas and her only child, Asada, live in Tampa, Florida, where Asada had always enjoyed theater rehearsals, soccer, and time ... Read More